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Here is a weird one using version 3.05

I have a section called Field Locations.  Two of the fields are called Latitude and Longitude.  

I put in the Latitude and Longitude of 32.4456488 and -97.8032955 and click save.  When I open the entry back up, it has changed to 38.1106647 & -103.865361

I have no idea where those numbers came from and why they keep popping back up.  I have deleted the fields and created them again. Same problem occurs. 

I have even gone into phpMyAdmin and changed it directly though there.  This works until you open the record again in CMSB and click save.  It changes it back to 38.1106647 & -103.865361.

Any suggestions?


Hi Kenny,

Do you have the Geocoder plugin enabled? If so, the plugin is filling the fields based on address field content for that record.

Let me know if this is the case.

Damon Edis

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