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By Deborah - August 10, 2016

Hi. I think I'm having issues with the new branding editor in 3.05, used for indicating a custom logo and CSS color theme.

At first I upgraded my install from 3.02 to 3.05 and the link was not at all visible, although the /lib/menus/default/branding.php file was in place.

I did a completely new installation and the link appeared. After I edited the branding and entered the license number, the link disappeared. The branding.php file is definitely on the server.

Not sure if this is the desired behavior. Is there a way to reactivate the link or do any edits need to be done manually to settings.dat.php? Or am I completely missing something obvious.


By Damon - August 10, 2016

Hi Deborah,

Once you change the "Vendor Name" in Admin > Branding, the "Branding" link will no longer be displayed on the menu when it's not selected.

You can get back to the Branding page using the query:

Damon Edis -

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