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By Perchpole - July 4, 2016

Hello, All -

I would like to add a very basic confirmation email to the DownloadMail plugin. My current set-up allows people to send in messages to CMSB via a special email address. The address is not hooked up to any kind of email client - so the only way I will know if an email has been received/processed is if I can get the DownloadMail plugin to tell me.

I assume it would only need a simple phpMail() instruction slipping into the code somewhere - but where?!

Thanks in advance for your help.


By Perchpole - July 7, 2016

Hi, Daryl -

Thanks for this. It looks perfect. I'm trying to insert your code right now. However, I am having a little difficulty because much of the code before and after your hi-lighted example doesn't appear in my version of downloadMail.php (v1.01). For example, 

function downloadMail_startTask()

Doesn't appear anywhere!

Do I have an old version? It's the latest version available from my downloads.



By Daryl - July 7, 2016

Hi Perch,

I was looking at our version that's not released yet.

For v1.01, you can insert the code in downloadMail_checkAccounts() function, on top of the "return array($countDownloaded, $countRemaining);" line.

Daryl Maximo
PHP Programmer -