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By Zicky - March 23, 2016

I have a category section editor which has a checkbox for meals which are vegan.

Vegan meals come from various parent and child categories throughout the menu records created.

I need to filter all the records of the category section editor - based on the "vegan checkbox = 1 or Yes", so that all the records shown on a page are only vegan related food items.

I tried this, but it didn't work:

     // load menu
  list($menuRecords, $selectedCategory) = getCategories(array(  
    'tableName'           => 'menu',  
    'selectedCategoryNum' => '',         // defaults to getNumberFromEndOfUrl()  
    'categoryFormat'      => 'showall',  // showall, onelevel, twolevel  

<?php foreach ($menuRecords as $categoryRecord): ?> 
<?php if ($categoryRecord['depth'] == 0): ?>
<?php if ($categoryRecord['vegetarian_menu_item'] = '1'):?>

<!-- parent menu category content goes here -->

<?php $parent=$categoryRecord['num'];?> 

<?php foreach ($menuRecords as $categoryRecord): ?> 
<?php if ($categoryRecord['parentNum'] == $parent): ?> 

<!-- children of the menu category items content goes here -->
Vegetable Kabab
Mixed Grill
Veggie Plate

<?php endif ?> 
<?php endforeach; ?> 

<?php endif ?>
<?php endif ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

Anyone has any suggestions on filtering getCategories using a checkbox, so that only meals with the checkbox checked for vegetarian_menu_item appear?

Thanks, Zicky

By Toledoh - March 24, 2016

Hey Zicky.

Rather than equal to something, have you tried something like the following - which in my way of thinking says... if record is not blank.

<?php if ($categoryRecord['vegetarian_menu_item'] ):?>

BTW.  I'm interested in what you're building.  I've got a project in the to-do pile that's a menu builder for a restaurant.  Let me know if it's something you can discuss. tim at toledoh dot com dot au.

Tim (

By Damon - March 31, 2016

Hi Zicky,

Just following to see if you and Tim were able to come up with something.

Damon Edis -

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By Zicky - March 31, 2016

Yea - the solution was so simple.

All the code was good - the problem was me. I forgot to check the top-tier parent categories as vegetarian, because they include vegetarian meal items.

Since the second tier children require the parent to exist as vegetarian - well the children did not appear. Setting the parent top tier to vegetarian displayed all the second tier vegetarian menu items, because they are dependent of the parent per the line of code below.

<?php if ($categoryRecord['parentNum'] == $parent): ?>

Stupid me  : )