Need Help ASAP: High website traffic error message

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By wizzle - February 19, 2016

Dave, we are still having this issue with the website timing out very frequently on the cms pages. 

The yahoo hosting support was virtually useless.  They suggested it could be a corrupted database file, and I think they ran some kind of database repair tool (several weeks ago) that was no help.

A couple of questions...

1. Would a "corrupted database file" even make sense as a possible issue?  

2. If so, is there any way that I could copy or remake the data file and then somehow migrate all the info to it?  

My client really does not want to move to a new web hosting company.  He used to use the yahoo "build your own" site feature... and when he logs back into that program he doesn't have any problems... so he is convinced that it's not a yahoo issue but it's a cmsb issue.  I am fairly certain that I could spend 2 hours setting up a new hosting account and migrating everything to it, but he's stuck on trying to make it work on his yahoo hosting.  

By Dave - February 22, 2016

Here's another thing you can try to determine which MySQL queries causing the problem.

  1. Download the "Developer Console" plugin here:
  2. Install it
  3. Go to: Admin > Plugins > Developer Console > MySQL Console
  4. Run this query: SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST

That will show you all the MySQL requests happening at the current moment, which might give us some clue as to what pages could be causing the problem.  However, keep in mind that if it's a slow or overloaded server, even the most optimized pages are going to have problems.

Let us know what you find out, thanks!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer