I've build a website in 3 languages (English, Dutch, French), now my client wants parts of the website to be for members only...

I've succesfully setup the Website Membership Plug-in (1-10) for the English part, but I'm having problems with the other language parts:

The login page is always directing to the English Login page, while I want it to show the French or Dutch login page respectively.

Like: http://www.mysite.be/fr/user-login.php?loginRequired=1 

and: http://www.mysite.be/nl/user-login.php?loginRequired=1

instead of: http://www.mysite.be/user-login.php?loginRequired=1

I can see this code in the WebsiteMembership.php: $GLOBALS['WEBSITE_LOGIN_LOGIN_FORM_URL']  = '/user-login.php';

How can I arrange this code so it will show a different page for each language please ??

Thanks for helping me out already !!


Hi Koen

Thanks for posting.

I have an idea on how to get this working for you that involves cookies. It's rather advanced though so I want to go over a different idea that's easier to implement.

Basically, the easier idea is to still just have the one /user-login.php page.  But on that page, add a link to each of the other language login pages.  

Does that sound like it would work?

Ross Fairbairn - Consulting

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Hi Ross, thanks for the reply.

I can see what you mean, but it won't work well for me because the user-login.php page has a lot of other content ( that should be in the right language when redirected to...)   

I saw another topic in this forum, maybe I could do something like that also ? : http://www.interactivetools.com/forum/forum-posts.php?postNum=2207991#post2207991 

I don't know much about php so maybe you could direct me in this ? The code I'm thinking of :

On all French website pages:

$language = "french";

In websiteMembership.php:


$GLOBALS['WEBSITE_LOGIN_LOGIN_FORM_URL']  = '/fr/user-login.php';




Does this make any sense at all ;-) ?



Okay Ross,

I'm trying the solution with a cookie, but I'm getting a php error:

Notice: Undefined index: language in /home/ajkdirec/public_html/beheer/plugins/websiteMembership.php on line 14 setPrefixedCookie: Can't set cookie, headers already sent! Output started in /home/ajkdirec/public_html/beheer/plugins/websiteMembership.php line 14

Could you check what I'm doing wrong please ?

My code in the French webpages to set the cookie (at the top):

setcookie("language", "fr");
<?php header('Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8'); ?>
/* STEP 1: LOAD RECORDS - Copy this PHP code block near the TOP of your page */

// load viewer library
$libraryPath = 'beheer/lib/viewer_functions.php';
$dirsToCheck = array('/home/ajkdirec/public_html/','','../','../../','../../../');
foreach ($dirsToCheck as $dir) { if (@include_once("$dir$libraryPath")) { break; }}
if (!function_exists('getRecords')) { die("Couldn't load viewer library, check filepath in sourcecode."); }


My code in websiteMembership.php to read the cookie:

Plugin Name: Website Membership
Description: Website membership functions for user sign-up, password reminder, login, user specific content, and login only content
Version: 1.10
Requires at least: 2.52
Required System Plugin: True


$cookie_var = $_COOKIE['language'];

if ($cookie_var == "fr"){

$GLOBALS['WEBSITE_LOGIN_LOGIN_FORM_URL'] = '/fr/user-login.php';





Hi Kovali,

It looks like the issue is the language cookie isn't always set, so the $_COOKIE['language'] variable can only be found when setCookie('language', 'fr') is set before the website membership plugin loads. This might fix the issue:

Plugin Name: Website Membership
Description: Website membership functions for user sign-up, password reminder, login, user specific content, and login only content
Version: 1.10
Requires at least: 2.52
Required System Plugin: True


$cookie_var = @$_COOKIE['language'];

if ($cookie_var == "fr"){
  $GLOBALS['WEBSITE_LOGIN_LOGIN_FORM_URL'] = '/fr/user-login.php';
  $GLOBALS['WEBSITE_LOGIN_LOGIN_FORM_URL'] = '/user-login.php';

So the @ symbol tells the code that if there is an error, it should ignore it. In this case that stops an error appearing if it can't find anything set for the $_COOKIE['language'] variable. 

Let me know if you have any questions.



Greg Thomas
PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com

Seems to work fine now! Thanks !!