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By Deborah - January 31, 2016

Hi. I think I might have found a small bug in version 3.00.

When logged in to CMS Builder viewing a multi-record section's list view, clicking the 'Preview' button redirects to the admin.php homepage, instead of the 'List Page URL' indicated in that section's 'Viewer URLs' settings. The 'view website' URL is correctly set in the General Settings.

Am I misunderstanding the usage of this button, or is this indeed a bug?

~ Deborah

By Damon - February 1, 2016

Thanks Deborah for finding and reporting that. This is getting worked on and will be fixed for the next release.

For now, if you want preview enabled for viewing records but don't want to see the Preview button on the Section Editor index page, you can edit that Section Editor, then under the Viewer Urls tab, remove anything in the List Page Url field. 

Only do this if you aren't using this field on the frontend of you site. Save and the Preview button on just the Section Editor index page will be gone. 

Save and the Preview button on just the Section Editor index page will be gone. 


Damon Edis - interactivetools.com

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By Deborah - February 1, 2016

Damon, thanks for the reply.

My client upgraded to 3.00 and is accustomed to using the Preview button on the section editor list pages. If the next release is a few months away, we'd love it if in the meanwhile you could provide a code hack that I could perform (at my own risk) on the current version.

~ Deborah

By Deborah - February 5, 2016

Damon, I've installed v3.02 and yes, the button now functions again. Thanks for that quick fix!

~ Deborah