Shopping Cart - combine orders and cart times into Admin only viewable page.

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By Zicky - January 29, 2016 - edited: January 29, 2016

I need to combine the records of "Cart Items" with their parent record(s) under "Orders" and make the results of the orders easily human readable, so a site administrator can view an order and see all the related cart times associated with the order. All the data associate with each order placed will be formatted and organized using CSS styles to make it easy to view, read and understand all parts of the cart times and how they relate to the order(s) placed. The resulting page also needs to be secured and limited to Admin, Editor, and Author & Viewer access.

Anyone know if this has been built before and/or have any suggestions on how to build this.

The one thing both have in common is Order Num and Order #, which I made bold in the code.


By ross - January 29, 2016

Hi Zicky.

We don't offer support for Simple Cart in the forums. Could you send all the details through


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