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Last Post: December 3, 2015

Hi there,

I'm building a website with the Website membership plugin version 1.10, and I want to approve the membership signups.

I read alot of posts in this forum about the emailonapproved plugin, but there are some things that I can't figure out:

1. Where can I download the (latest version ?) emailonapproved plugin please ? I can't find it in the add ons list on the website (or is it just me ?)

2. Is there any documentation on how to implement the plugin with version 1.10 of the Membership plugin ?? Some first steps or "how to's" would be welcome...

Hope to find some help with this, thanks !!


Hi Koen

Thanks for posting.

I am not familiar with a "emailOnApproved" plugin but I did find a previous conversation you had with Jason about this:


Does that help? 

Let me know any further questions.



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Hi Ross,

Thanks, I know about that, I've been looking into my own previous posts here before, but the problem I have now is that the source code in most of the plugin files has changed a lot in version 1.10 compared to 1.06. All of the forum posts are mentioning solutions with code dealing with previous versions... And I'm not a PHP programmer so now I can't get it to work like the way it was planned.

And while I have been working with it 4 years ago, I can't seem to get it started now, I'm stuck. Can't find any readme file or whatever so I'm getting confused because I'm working on an important project with a deadline... sorry.

Anybody ??