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By Damon - November 10, 2015

Hi Terry,

Here are the steps I take to import data from one CMS Builder to another:

1. From the current CMS Builder, run the Database Backup in CMS Builder (Admin > General Settings - Backup & Restore). Choose either "all database tables" or just select just the ones you want, one at a time.

2. From current CMS Builder, download via FTP the database backup file and schema files (Section Editors) /data/schema/ and uploads.

3. To the new CMS Builder, upload via FTP database backup, schema files and uploads.

4. Login to new CMS Builder installation and click on Admin > Section Editors which will trigger CMS Builder to create database tables based on the schemas (Section Editors) if the don't already exist.

5. Under Admin > General Settings, go to Database Restore, choose the database backup file previously uploaded and click the Restore button.

The is the fastest way that I use to copy data/uploads from one CMS Builder installation to another.

Hope this helps.

Damon Edis - interactivetools.com

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Hi Damon,

Thanks very much. This worked perfectly with one little itsy bitsy tweak i.e. a change to the name of the customUploadDir in a couple of the schema files where I had used a custom upload directory.

Thanks again.