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By Damon - November 10, 2015

Hi Kenny,

No, there isn't a feature to create a section editor for an existing database table and have it just work.

To confirm it sounds like you have database table of data not created/updated with CMS Builder that you want to connect to CMS Builder for updating/publishing.

One way to do this would be to open the database table in phpMyAdmin, the export it as a CSV file. Create a new Section Editor with the matching field names for accepting the data. Then the last step would be to import it into CMS Builder using the CSV Import Add On.

Damon Edis -

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By Twocans - November 16, 2015

Thanks Damon,
All in all I was having a play with the membership plugin and was trying to see could I access the specific table differently, thus add new columns, be able to edit, allow others to edit specific areas of it in the future. i did try creating a table using the cms as cams_aaccounts, (the membership table is called cams_accounts), I had thought by creating it with the cms, then changing the tablename back to cams_accounts later all would work as required but I was met with an error telling me that _accounts was already in use/ protected I do not have the exact error reference now as it was last week and wow i was really in a panic with other things to do.

thank you for your input.