$CURRENT_USER is not working properly.

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By Zicky - October 12, 2015

I've got a page where I'm trying to load in the current user's fullness, email and phone number stored in their profile. But nothing I do seems to work and $CURRENT_USER works in reverse as well.

For example - the line of code below is presently seen by users who are logged out, but notice the bold ! which should do exactly the opposite from my understanding.

<?php if (!$CURRENT_USER): ?>
<h3 style="margin-top:24px;">USER Logged In</h3>

... AND the line of code below is seen by those who are logged in

<?php if ($CURRENT_USER): ?>
<h3 style="margin-top:24px;">Guest</h3>

I'm trying to pre-populate three of the fields with the logged in "USER" profile data entries using the code below, and no matter which setting I apply above, no data gets plugged into the fields.

<input name="registrant_name" value="<?php echo $CURRENT_USER['fullname'] ?>" size="24"><div>Name</div>
<input name="registrant_email" value="<?php echo $CURRENT_USER['email'] ?>" size="24"><div>Email</div>
<input name="registrant_phone" value="<?php echo $CURRENT_USER['phone'] ?>" size="24"><div>Phone</div>

The code I'm using works perfectly in CMS Builder V2.61, but does seem to work in CMS Builder V2.65.

By gregThomas - October 12, 2015

Hey Zicky, 

The following code isn't displaying for users who are logged in, as you've got a not operator in it:

<?php if (!$CURRENT_USER): ?><h3 style="margin-top:24px;">USER Logged In</h3>

If you remove that, the code should only display for users who are logged in:

<?php if ($CURRENT_USER): ?><h3 style="margin-top:24px;">USER Logged In</h3>

With this line of code:

<?php if ($CURRENT_USER): ?><h3 style="margin-top:24px;">Guest</h3>

Do you want to only appear for users who are logged out? If so, you need to add the following:

<?php if (!$CURRENT_USER): ?><h3 style="margin-top:24px;">Guest</h3>

For these fields:

<input name="registrant_name" value="<?php echo $CURRENT_USER['fullname'] ?>" size="24"><div>Name</div>
<input name="registrant_email" value="<?php echo $CURRENT_USER['email'] ?>" size="24"><div>Email</div>
<input name="registrant_phone" value="<?php echo $CURRENT_USER['phone'] ?>" size="24"><div>Phone</div>

Could you give me the code for the entire page? I'm not sure why they're not displaying at the moment. 



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com

By gregThomas - October 13, 2015

Thanks Zick,

I think I've worked out what the issue is; the server doesn't allow sharing of cookies between HTTP and HTTPS. 

If you look through your phpinfo and search for session.cookie_secure, you'll see that this option is enabled locally.

I'd contact your host and ask them if they can disable session.cookie_secure, then you'll be able to use the current_user variable on both protocols.



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com