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By Damon - August 26, 2015

Hi Zick,

For Website Membership plugin, yes it would be possible but is fairly advanced and would require quite a few steps to setup.

Here is a brief overview of one way to do this:

After Member submits login details on login page and logs in, they are redirected to a page with code that checks their current IP address and compares that to an IP address field in their user account record in CMS Builder.

If both IP addresses match, they are redirected again to the page you want them to go to.

If the IP addresses don't match, they are automatically logged out (?action=logoff) back to the login screen with an error message explaining the reason. The would require passing a value back to trigger the error message.

All the redirecting, check IPs and redirecting again would happen quickly without the user noticing.

One thing to note is that depending the the Members ISP and plan, their IP address may not be static and will change and this would prevent them from logging in.

And if I just wrote all this and you were referring to logging into CMS Builder, you can do this easily by setting multiple IP addresses in the Admin > General Settings, under Security Settings, in the Restrict IP Access field.

Damon Edis - interactivetools.com

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