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Last Post: June 17, 2015


I'd like to know if it is possible to post blog entries by email using CMS builder (with some short codes, such as categories and tags).


Can this be done by using the incoming mail feature or do I need a custom plugin?

Hi, Claire -

You need to reinvent the DownloadMail plugin! If you set it up right you can get it to feed a section on CMSB. It's not far from what the OP is asking for.



Hi Perch - thanks, I wasn't aware of that particular plugin, and I missed it in the reference list I have here. I'll take a look and see what we can do.


Claire Ryan

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Claire -

It's worth a look. You really can "email" updates straight to a section on CMSB. It's limited to a subject (title) and text - but it works surprisingly well!


Thank you so much. That is really great to hear.

I already have the unlimited DownloadMail plugin, but I have been missing that part.

Maybe if I setup a few different downloadMail, I can use it as each category, sending posts to different email address?

I'm not sure if this will cause inconvenience when I set up the viewer because I am guessing that I will not be able to use the category menu.


We've done a few custom "email to post" plugins before.  The tricky bit is dealing with spam, signature footers, quoted text, etc.  But yes, you could have Download Mail get the records into the CMS, and have a simple cron copy them from download mail to your target section automatically.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Oh, I see... I didn't think about spams.

So you can also make the copies of email into a different blog table? That sounds much simple for me to deal with the blog table.

I was thinking of using the Download mail table as a blog table and making a pulldown category list to post manually and show both on the viewer.

 For example, 

'where' => 'category = "news" OR to = "news@example.com"',  something like that ...

But on second thought, this will not allow me to use the Download mail table for other purposes when necessary in the future.

I also can't use   'where' => "category = '".intval(@$_REQUEST['main_category'])."'",. and I have to make each pages.

I'd like to consider about the customize you mentioned. Can I contact from the 'hire us' or support ticket?

Thank you,


Hi Hiroko,

What you're going to want is a cron plugin that copies records from the download mail table to the blog table.

You can find an example cron plugin here: /cmsb/plugins/cron-example.php

But you'll likely need some custom PHP and MySQL to do the rest.  Feel free to give it a try yourself or contact consulting and they'd be happy to do it for you at: http://www.interactivetools.com/hire-us/

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Thank you Dave,

I will give it a try and if I need help, I will contact you guys.