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Last Post: June 8, 2015

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It is a really late reply.

I found that i can add static parameters to the signup data in the facebookLogin.php from line 250, like:
  $columnsToValues['data1']   = "12345";
  $columnsToValues['data2']   = "qwerty";
  $columnsToValues['data3']   = 'ABC';

but i need to transfer to the plugin other dynamic fields from the signup.php, like:
  language (that i store in the front in $_SESSION['language']),
  user type: student or teacher (that users select due to the signup with radio input),
  TOS checkbox and value, that confirm they read and accept the Terms of use.

I already modified (with jquery) the Facebook login/signup button and make active only after users select the above required fields, so like this i ensure the requested data is completed.

How can i transfer / post to the plugin the parameters?

Also i using custom multi-language email templates for the signup, but i can choose this, after the above parameters is posted to the plugin.

Please advise,