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By Twocans - March 14, 2015

Just a thought

having been looking though out this forum  I find some really great questions, be it suggestions on products to just over all great questions.

it would be nice were we to have the option of voting on each question aka check here if this question was useful



By Dave - March 17, 2015

Yea, I've thought that myself from time to time.  Great suggestion!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By gkornbluth - May 15, 2015 - edited: May 15, 2015

Hi all,

How about some other option choices in the voting list, like one to request that the final solution code gets posted.

A lot of great posts end with "thanks I got it to work", without sharing the actual solution.

There might be other option choices that could be more helpful than just a "useful" check box.

Just my 2 cents...

Jerry Kornbluth

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By Dave - May 18, 2015

Hi Jerry, 

Yea I really like the way http://stackoverflow.com/ (for upvoting and selecting good answers) and uservoice.com (for voting on feature requests) work.
Example: https://windowsphone.uservoice.com/forums/101801-feature-suggestions

We'd definitely like to add some of those features moving forward.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer