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By Ryandoc - March 25, 2015 - edited: March 27, 2015

 $openDate = strtotime($record['createdDate']);
 $closeDate = strtotime($record['closedDate']);
 $dateDiff = ($closeDate - $openDate);
  $d = ($dateDiff/(60*60*24))%365;
  $h = ($dateDiff/(60*60))%24;
  $m = ($dateDiff/60)%60;
  echo $d." days\n";
  echo $h." hours\n";
  echo $m." minutes\n";

Nice one!

Note: I had to change $RECORD to $record to get it to work with my local WAMP server.

Damon Edis

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Thanks Dave, I've updated my original post to reflect the changes.