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I agree the CMSB is fantastic product. My wish list is to have all the add-ons work on a specific sub directory aka  m.mysite.com as well as the www.mysite.com  so as making it possible to have separate mobile sites were it required. The likes of permalinks etc do not work on sub directories. 



Thanks guys!  I've added this to the list to review once we get v3.00 release.  Cheers!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Dave:  have you tried Moxie Manager?  (http://moxiemanager.com).  It allows you to manage both files and images and integrates with tinyMCE or can be used standalone.


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Hi Ragi,  Yea I think I've seen it.  I like how that works, also how gmail does file attachments and image inserts (allowing you to insert from various sources) is cool.  I need to sleep less and code more! ;-)

Dave Edis - Senior Developer