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Hi All,

I wanted to offer everyone who has a CMSB license, a free, 3 month free trial subscription to the CMS Builder Cookbook: http://www.thecmsbcookbook.com

The Cookbook has been helping both new and experienced CMSB developers for almost 8 years now, and contains a wealth of practical information, from how to get started working with CMS Builder, to hundreds of tips and tricks that will help to get your killer CMS Builder designs completed and on-line, in record time.

To get instant access, just sign up for a free account here:


BTW, If you're already a subscriber, I'm extending your current subscription by 3 months.


Jerry Kornbluth

The first CMS Builder reference book is now available on-line!
Take advantage of a free 3 month trial subscription, only for CMSB users, at: http://www.thecmsbcookbook.com/trial.php

By Twocans - April 1, 2015

The cookbook was a real good eye opener and foot in the door for me as the Interactivetools cms is very powerful and it was a bit daunting last month when I was creating my first site. The cookbook helped me tremendously.


By Dave - April 14, 2015

Jerry, thanks for making this available to everyone.  I'll pin it to the top of the forum so it's easy to find.  Cheers!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Maurice - April 15, 2015

CMSB Cookbook is really cool and if u get the chance for 3 months take it cause it will be worth your while.

Jerry did a great job even the price per year is worth it.

keep up the great work Jerry!!!!!!!