Logoff Re-Direct Doesn't Work

By Perchpole - February 10, 2015

Hello, All 

I've just noticed that the post logoff redirect doesn't work. I've tried a couple of experiments and each time I remain on exactly the same page as the logoff link.

I've even gone so far as to hard code the entry on line 184 of the websiteMembership.php - but to no avail.

From this...

$logoffUrl = coalesce(@$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], $GLOBALS['WEBSITE_LOGIN_POST_LOGOFF_URL'],  $currentPageUrl, '/');

to this...

$logoffUrl = coalesce(@$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], '/index.php');

The user is logged out successfully but remains on the same page.

For the record I've checked my code and the "...getPrefixedCookie('lastUrl')..." code is deactivated on all pages.

What's wrong?



By Perchpole - February 10, 2015

Update -

After several more tests I've narrowed the problem down to $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']. If this remains in the code on line 184 the logoff action simply leaves the user on the same page.

However, if I change the code to this...


...it works as expected.



By claire - February 11, 2015

Hi Perch - thanks for this. I'll take a look at the WSM code and see if there's a reason why this doesn't work as intended.


Claire Ryan

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