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is there any news on new version of the autoBackup add-on?

I search for solution to create backup to an external server, (ip/folder).

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By Dave - March 5, 2015

Hi Kostas, 

Thanks for the reminder, I just release 1.05 here:

You can download it here:

Note that with this version you can set a specific backup folder with this line: 
$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_DIR']    = DATA_DIR . '/backups';

But to backup to an external server you'd need to do more work, such as mapping a remote server to a folder

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By petrogus - March 7, 2015

Hi Dave,

Thank you for the update!



By Dave - March 10, 2015

Hi Kostas, 

Right now CMSB doesn't have anything built in to automate backups to a remote server.

Some options to explore:

  • Ask your host what backup options or services they provide
  • Setup a cronjob on another server to connect via FTP and backup the site
  • Setup a local FTP program on your desktop computer to backup on a schedule 
  • Setup sshfs or some other linux command line script such as rsync to make a backup

Autobackup will export a copy of your mysql database, but ideally you want all the files (including /uploads/ folders) from your website in your backup.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer