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One of the great strengths of cmsB is this forum and the support I often receive from InteractiveTools staff and other members.

Recently I purchased the CMS Builder Cookbook from here: http://thecmsbcookbook.com. It is written by Jerry, a member of this forum (look him up: gkornbluth)

I don't have any connection to him or Interactive Tools - just wanted to share the book as it has been really useful to me.

Thanks for your feedback! 



Greg Thomas
PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com

I have no connection either but feel it is worth a good read. I wanted to print it all out but that was not possible, but all in all it does give you that extra edge in using this specific cms which I can only say I am very expressed with. I use this cms alongside both Dreamweaver and navicat and feel I will be here for some time.