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By Steve99 - July 29, 2014

Hi Deborah,

Absolutely, the Root Category Lock plugin is definitely a key plugin in our cmsb dev kit now (thanks again Dave!).

The menu levels are set in the Advanced tab when editing the Category menu. In the schema file it is '_maxDepth' => '1', Setting that to 1 would allow for Parent Categories you created (and locked) with the ability to add one level of Child Categories beneath (like in a single level drop down menu).


By Deborah - July 29, 2014

Steve, I completely overlooked that advanced option! I set the 'Max Depth' to 2, to achieve:

Parent Category (top-level) Menu Item
    - Sub Menu Page 1
    - Sub Menu Page 2

Exactly what I needed. Thanks so much for the tip!

~ Deborah