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When clicking "modify" in the details of a section editor, the details pop-up in a lightbox with a save options.

1. Is it possible for me to add this lightbox to the modify link in the list editor? 

When modifying details of records, its easy to lose your place in long lists and it seems management would be improved with this feature. I wish CMSB had inline editing features but at least this would be sort of the next best thing that is already built in.

2. a. are there any plans for a modern UI / front end development improvements on CMSB?

    b. with ajax?

3. if I have a list of 300 records with say, simple "hidden" checkboxes (the show/hide special field), what's your suggested setup to quickly hide 20 of them and show 20 different ones daily?

Modifying each record by searching or sorting the checkboxes, jumping to a different screen, saving and starting over at the top of the list 40 times a day for such a simple list is quite a task.

Same for editing the prices of a food menu that only has a couple hundred items. A lot of scrolling, multiple screens and losing place to save each record.

I've been using CMSB for years and it's great for a lot of situations. Excellent support as welI. :)  I know custom work or plugins are possible but I'm just curious if  there will be updates in this area (UI, usability / front end CMSB development)  or is it pretty much decided that these technologies (I keep saying Ajax because the incredible, modern usability improvements I see that i like use it) aren't valuable enough for current priority, won't attract new users of CMSB or not needed to compete at this time? This is not really a complaint, I simply need to figure out my plan. It may have to be a plug-in, I don't know. I would just like to see progress in this area. I see these things when I look around but would rather see them here with the other things I love about CMSB, my preference,  as I decide what to do per project.

Hi Rez

I emailed this to Dave - thanks for your feedback!


Claire Ryan

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Hi rez, 

To answer your questions:

  1. There's no easy way to add the lightbox to the modify menu on the backend.
  2. We have plans for a new modernish UI here: http://www.interactivetools.com/forum/forum-posts.php?postNum=2234204
  3. To quickly toggle 30 records from hidden to not we have an internal plugin called "Inline Field Editor" that you can try if you like, just email me at dave@interactivetools.com and I'll send you a copy.

And in general, we absolutely want to update and continue to develop the platform and have plans to do so.  Somethings just take a lot longer than others, but we're sticking with it.  So sometimes you'll see a lot of releases over a short period and sometimes you won't see a release for a while.  But feel free to post when you have questions.

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer