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By Zicky - April 25, 2014

Since I started using CMS Builder - from it's inception, I have been repeatedly amazed about all the wondrous things I've been able to accomplish for my clients. Once there was a day when I would pass on projects because they where simply to difficult to accomplish using other CMS solutions. There have been task clients have requested even within the past year which have been so complex that it made my head hurt just thinking about it and how to price it out - yet alone build it.

Since I first started using CMS Builder I've learned so much and have developed some very nice web-based solutions, and for those task that are so far above my skill level - I've hired Interactive Tools to build for me and TOGETHER we have accomplish so many wondrous things that I constantly find myself amazed at what has and can be built.

These days when a client ask, "can you build this for me?" I answer YES as I know that if I can't build it myself, then Interactive Tools can get the job done and I consider the team of Interactive Tools as an extension of my company's team.... and together we HAVE built some amazing websites.

Interactive Tools and CMS Builder are vital assets to my business!

Many thanks to all of those at Interactive Tools! 


By Dave - April 30, 2014

Hi Zick,

Thanks so much, we love getting feedback like this and hearing about what you've been able to do with the software.  We hope to keep raising the bar year after year on what's possible with the CMS.  And with the custom projects, you're right it absolutely is a team effort, so thanks for inviting us to get involved.  We love doing what we do (the programming) but it's only through working with developers like yourself who bring all the other parts of a site together that we're able to do that.  So thank you as well! :) 

All the best, 

Dave Edis - Senior Developer