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By craig_bcd - April 10, 2014

I am using the membership module (but I think this is universally applicable) but I have built a form that facilitates the user updating their information but I also wanted them to be able to upload a profile photo - I found this in the forums:   but I am doing this in bootstrap 3 and wondered if there was an updated, non-iframe version of this ability running around somewhere before I go back an recreate the wheel.  In my case, I only want them to be able to upload a single photo that I will resize to be like 125x125 (or maybe 150).

Thanks so much, you guys are always so helpful.

By gregThomas - April 15, 2014 - edited: April 15, 2014

Hi Craig,

We're still using the iframe method to upload items. I've attached the latest versions of them to this post. 

uploadForm3_add.php gives you an example of how you would create a record and save the uploaded images to the record after it's created. gives you an example of how you would edit a record and edit the images uploaded against it.

uploadFrom3_iframe.php  - The iframe that will be embedded in both of the pages above.



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