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I would love to see some flexibility with layout of cmsb admin, for example the ability to lay fields out in columns rather than just rows. Although this would have to be done intelligently there are probably many ways to achieve this without making the set up complicated.

By In-House-Logic - December 2, 2013 - edited: December 2, 2013

Agreed. This is the kind of thing that's best done via CSS since it's a cosmetic/layout issue. I'd rather not see a set of tables hard-coded as the layout.

The backend area of CMSB is functional but starting to become an issue as more clients are expecting to use mobile devices to maintain their content. Would love to see a move away from tables ... and/or even just hanging some style classes on elements so we could customize the backend a bit. I seem to recall creating a dummied up set of style guides with classes for this a year or so ago.

Hi Deborah,

I've created a post here on how to fix the broken spellchecker issue:

Can you give that a try and let me know if it works? (Post any feedback on that thread).


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Hi Jerry and all,

Regarding a CSS backend, yes we agree that's where it needs to go.  We took on a few too many new features on our last update and it has slowed down the next release that is due.  But yes we need a responsive  design rewrite.

Jerry, if there's some specific places in the code where you want me to add a space I can do that as a short term fix.  Then future releases will either have that or improved CSS.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer


Thanks for the offer, but you've got enough on your plate.

I'll wait til the next release.

Jerry Kornbluth

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Hi Dave

i would like to add myself to the requests for a responsive back end. For me it is becoming crucial as all of my front ends are responsive and clients are sometimes disappointed that the backend isn't.

Just a thought but have you thought about crowd sourcing the development costs. I know that a lot of plugins are a result of custom consulting. I can't afford to pay for you to custom design a backend specifically for me but I would be prepared to make a contribution. I was thinking in the region of $50. Anyone else agree that this is a good idea? Dave would this model work for you guys?

Hi Guys, 

Thanks for the feedback.  I agree a mobile responsive backend is a good idea and logical next step, and I know it's been a while since we've had a release.  We're working on some big new features (a field library that is as flexible as the plugin system) but I'll see about getting a maintenance release out with whatever has been completed to date.  We know that people like to see progress in the form of frequent releases.

Also, I'm going to lock this thread, keep it for reference, and start a new one once we get the next release out.  We've completed a lot of things since this thread started and I'll re-assess current priorities and user requests.  Feel free to post a new thread yourself if you want to suggest or inquire about anything in the meantime.

Thanks again for all your feedback.  Cheers!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer