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I'm having a couple of issues with placeholders in NBv3.01. For starters, I cannot seem to get the #email_header# and #email_footer# to work. Both placeholders are used in the template but none of the actual content of either ever appears in the rendered email. This is odd because in between #email_header# and #email_footer# is the #content# - and this does appear in the email as normal. So #content# works - but neither #email_header# nor #email_footer#.

Secondly, why doesn't Newsletter Builder send the CMSB admin an email notification when someone registers? I would have thought this standard practise?



By ross - January 2, 2014

Hi Perchpole

Thanks for posting! Could you send us a second level support request? Those variables should be working so I'd like to have a closer look at what's going on with your setup.


Also, notification on signup to the newsletter is definitely a neat idea. I'll see what kind of options there are going to be for that and let you know :). 

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does the Newsletter Builder include a way to set up auto responders? a way to setup multiple interval responders for a drip marketing?

By Damon - February 12, 2014


Sorry, multiple interval autoresponders are part of the Newsletter Builder features. I like the idea and will submit it as a plugin request. 

What do you previously or currently used for this?

Damon Edis - interactivetools.com

Hire me! Save time by getting our experts to help with your project.

I would be interested in you quoting me to create this plugin for me. We currently integrate our site forms with mail chimp. would love ability to keep everything in CMS.

By gregThomas - February 19, 2014 - edited: February 19, 2014

Hi s2smedia,

If you send an e-mail to consulting@interactivetools.com, we can go over what features you'd like in the plugin and generate a quote.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Greg Thomas

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