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By weblm - October 4, 2013

Reference this old post:

I have a client on 2.15 that the admin search is not working in certain sections.  When searching in the basic search box the page just returns the entire list.

After looking at that old post I replaced the code referenced in list_functions.php, but it didn't help.

Any ideas on this?  I can't get you access to this site right now so I'm hoping maybe we can work through this without access (otherwise I'll need to replicate in a dev environment).

If you have any questions on the section layout, let me know.



By Damon - October 8, 2013 - edited: October 8, 2013

Hi Kevin,

This issue has been fixed in newer versions. Can you upgrade to the latest version of CMS Builder (2.53)?

Here is the upgrade page link:

Damon Edis - interactivetools.com

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By weblm - October 24, 2013


The issue is not fixed in the latest for my client.  Still can't search in those sections.

Any ideas?


By weblm - October 24, 2013


Ticket sent with dev server info included.