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I currently have a copy of cmsBuilder installed on a sub-domain and I use this for development purposes.

I am keen to make use of the new functionality that uses the "Website Prefix URL" setting in "General Settings".

Is there any documentation that explains how to use this correctly? I am not at all clear on how it works...

Thank you for your help.


Hi Deborah,

Many thanks for your message. Yes, I am using cPanel and I have a demo username account.

Can you clarify what the development mode enables me to do?

Will it create a copy of cmsBuilder files so I can experiment with plugins?

Does it hook up to a different database so I am not testing with live listings/users and other data...?

I am just trying to understand what functionality it offers and how it should be used.

Thanks again,


By Deborah - October 12, 2013


I think the 'Website Prefix URL' feature is intended for actual website installs that don't have DNS activated. For example, a client with an old website that's still running under their current DNS while you build out their new CMSB on a different server.

If you're wanting to have a separate CMSB & database installation aside from your live site where you can experiment with plugins, etc., I'd say create a separate testing installation and use that. I can't speak for Interactive Tools, but the license agreement with my current version 2.53 reads "You may make one copy for backup, staging, or archival purposes."

~ Deborah

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for clarifying, I now understand how it works!

I will just keep the copied version of the software for my staging environment, which I know is within the license agreement.

Thanks for your help.