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By Steve99 - September 23, 2013


I haven't seen a way, but is there a method to specify exact image dimensions for an upload field in CMSB? (without altering the core or creating a plugin, I'm looking for validation on an image upload field to be exactly X-width by X-height)

Many times we've been asked to integrate feature slideshows with controls in CMSB. We've done this for some clients that truly understand exact image dimensions are needed and have image editing experience (with a reminder note with dimensions in the field prefix or description). Otherwise, we won't integrate controls into CMSB for slideshows because history has shown us that the majority of our end users constantly ruin their feature slideshows and contact us for support (we end up taking controls out of their hands).


By mizrahi - September 23, 2013

Go to Section Edtors, open the section and then click modify on the image field, and then look for the Advanced Options section. Within these options you can specify a max width and height for the images. 

Images that are larger than these dimensions will be sized down proportionately to fit within the specified dimensions.

Images that area smaller will not be resized.

Something you may want to do is to hardcode the preferred image dimensions into the html. This way no matter what size image they upload, it will insure that the layout is not broken.

By Steve99 - September 23, 2013

Yes, I'm familiar with that - thanks though. I've also taken hard code route with dimensions in the html output, but that would still skew the image.

I don't think it exists, but I'm looking to require exact dimensions for an image upload field.