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Hi there,

I'm working on a new site and wondered if the following was possible and if so, how?

I have a site for a theatre co. where we will be listing all shows under one record and I'll then be using a list and radio buttons to display the records on designated pages. I've done this before to get a site to display all upcoming shows on one page and all archived shows on another which I'll be doing here but what I also wanted to do with this one is to get the list page to display the first record for each type of show 'spring', 'spellbound', etc

So there are 6 radio buttons:

And on the main list page I would like the first record for each type, except the archived shows, to be displayed. Here is the HTML page so you can see what I mean!

Is this possible? Thanks!

By Jason - September 17, 2013


Sure.  What you can do is use the getListOptions() function to loop though all your different show types, and then use getRecords to get a single record for each one.

In this example, we assume that you have a section called "shows", and that your radio button list is called "type"

<?php foreach (getListOptions("shows", "type") as $value => $label): ?>

    list($showRecord, ) = getRecords(array(
      'tableName'    =>  'shows',
      'allowSearch'  =>  false,
      'limit'        =>  1,
      'where'        =>  "type = '".mysql_escape($value)."'",
    if (!$showRecord) { continue; } // skip if no record was found
    $show = $showRecord[0];
  // output $show record here.

<?php endforeach ?>

Hope this helps get you started

Jason Sauchuk - Project Manager

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Hi Jason,

Thanks for this. What would I then need for each top record per section to be displayed as per that html page I linked to ie. the top record for x show type - the top record for y show type - the top record for z show type etc .

One row of the 5 top records: http://www.fromemtc.co.uk/NEW/forthcoming-shows-in-frome.html

Do you think this would be easier if we got you guys to look into it and could you tell me how much that would cost?