Get error by installing a plugin

I got the following error when I activated a plugin(Geocoder)    Notice: Undefined index: isInstalled in /home/content/04/11627604/html/cmsAdmin/lib/viewer_functions.php on line 17 Error: You must install the program before you can use the viewers.

I did copy the plugin from another website, if that makes a difference.

By Jason - September 5, 2013


Does the error go away when you deactivate the plugin?  Does the rest of the CMS continue to work?  Can you let me know what version of the CMS you're using?

Let me know and we can look into this issue further.


Jason Sauchuk - Project Manager

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The error did not go away when deactivating the plugin.  I resolved it by backing out changes and then restoring the plugin, but this time taking the code from a clean download rather than an already-running instance on another website.