Geotagging locations

Is there any specific reason the geotagger plugin "couldnt geotag address"?

I am attempting to geotag quite a large amount of things, could this be a reason? i noticed if i keep trying to geotag the same table more of the skipped ones do get geotagged.

By Toledoh - August 28, 2013

I've run into this before also.  There's a limit to how many you can process per day.


Tim (


As Tim pointed out, the issue is most likely that you're hitting the daily limit of 2500 calls to the Google geotagging API. You can read more on the limits here:

The way to get around this would be to convert the addresses in batches of 2000 every day (assuming you don't get more than 500 hits a day on any front end pages that use the geotagging service).



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer -

Hi Greg,

If I have an existing table with 20000 records, and I want to geotag them all - is there a way that I can limit the plugin to process only 2500 per day?



Tim (