Spambot Email Protector issue

By pault - September 3, 2013


I've just installed the Spambot Email Protector plugin and whilst it protects visible email addresses on a web page, it seems to corrupt a href="mailto: type hyperlinks. When I click on a hyperlink like this, the address shown in the Outlook To: field is similar to the following:

pau<!-- aax -->l<!-- xgf -->@mu<!-- djv --><span>r</span>i<!-- ofo --><!-- zai -->k

Do you have any ideas how I can fix this?

Thanks, Paul.

By gregThomas - September 4, 2013

Hi Paul,

You probably need to adjust some of the settings in the email protector, if you open the spambotEmailProtector.php in your plugins directory, and try adjusting the settings to these:

// Encoding Options - to disable an encoding method set to false;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['decEntity']   = true;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['hexEntity']   = true;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['urlEncoding'] = true;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['jsUnicode']   = true;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['bdo']         = false;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['comments']    = false;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['tags']        = false;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['jsLocation']  = true;

This should remove all of the tags from the e-mail addresses and make them work when clicked on using a mail program.

Let me know if this doesn't work. 



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer -