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By Steve99 - May 7, 2013

Hello IT Community,

We're currently looking into a different provider for web hosting and are reaching out for some community feedback. We resell hosting to our clients and have a mix of "sandboxed" shared hosting accounts, VPS's, and managed private servers (have not tried cloud hosting yet).

A few of the hosting companies we were in communication with include Rackspace, SingleHop, FireHost, and Media Temple.

Has anybody had experiences with any of the above companies, and if so would you mind sharing some feedback? If there are other good companies being used we would surely welcome input on them as well.

Web hosting is a large part of our livelihood and want to make sure where we go will be better than our current provider (whom we've been with for 12 years).

Thank you all!

Best Regards,


By gkornbluth - May 7, 2013

Hi Steve,

You might want to look into IXWebHosting.com

I've only used their shared hosting ( 12 + years) but found them to be as reliable as most.

They include up to 15 static IPs in their $7.95 hosting plan and also offer VPS and Cloud hosting.

Their control panels allow access to all resources, and they allow complete php.ini access.

Best of all for me, their Ohio based 24 x 7 phone based tech support is superb. It's staffed with knowledgeable folks that can actually solve issues.

Please post your decision and reasons so we can all benefit.


Jerry Kornbluth

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By Steve99 - May 8, 2013

Hi Jerry,

Thank you, we'll certainly check them out. It's good to hear that the tech support is good. With the amount of hosting companies around these days, having good tech support is very important to stand out from the pack and service customers. When we call for tech support it's because we're experiencing a true issue and need to speak with knowledgeable reps.

A decline in customer service quality is a main reason we're leaving our current provider. The other main reason is we've had recurring issues with one of our boxes and they refuse to move us to a different server. The box has gone down 6 times already this year and half of the occurrences MySQL didn't restart. They left it that way knowing MySQL didn't restart which rendered our CMS driven sites as useless as the box being off (with the exception of email service) and we had to manually restart each instance. Pretty sad, especially since we're a reseller partner with 100+ accounts.

I will certainly share our decision and reasons with the IT community.

Thank you.

- Steve

By Steve99 - May 9, 2013

Has anybody else had experience with those companies, or any other recommendations for good hosting providers (with good in-house support)?



By gkornbluth - June 9, 2013

Hi Steve,

Just curious...

What did you ultimately discover?

Jerry Kornbluth

The first CMS Builder reference book is now available on-line!

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By Steve99 - June 10, 2013

Hi Jerry,

We're actually still performing research into what provider we will go with. It's amazing what you start discovering when you really look under the hood. You'd be surprised to see who's really hosting who.

All of the previously mentioned hosts are still in the mix except media temple. Part of the reason is we weren't able to locate a posted SLA (service level agreement). However, they've been in business for a long time and have a large customer base (mixed reviews as expected from anything).

SingleHop would definitely be a good source. They are actually the backbone for GreenGeeks (as you may have seen as a top rated green hosting provider) and site5. Our only downside there is we are unable to provision VPS's without getting entire servers at a time. For us, we worry about having "all our eggs in one basket". When you start getting in to redundancy for dedicated boxes (or dynamic boxes), it can get pretty pricey. Their SLA is one of the top ones you'll find. Still discussing options.

Firehost looks to be a good source for full PCI-DSS compliance. We don't store any sensitive customer data so their primary solution is overkill for us. Still discussing options.

RackSpace is probably the most recognized name from the above list. They offer a variety of services options that would fit our needs. Still discussing options.

We've come across and researched many more providers than when I first posted. I'll share more down the road (especially our final choice - and why). I was really hoping to get more action on this thread.

Ideally, we would like to be with a provider that owns and operates their own tier 1 network and tier 4 data center(s). Level 3, Softlayer, Softcom (MyHosting.com), Earthlink, and more have caught our eye as we researched and climbed the ladder in the hosting world.

Stay tuned :)

- Steve

By gkornbluth - June 10, 2013


I think this will be  very valuable information for us all.

Thanks for sharing.

Jerry Kornbluth

The first CMS Builder reference book is now available on-line!

Take advantage of a free 3 month trial subscription, only for CMSB users, at: http://www.thecmsbcookbook.com/trial.php

By Steve99 - June 12, 2013


Thank you for the feedback on servint. They are actually on our list so it's good to hear positive feedback.

They are currently operating out of two tier 4 carrier neutral data centers. They do operate out of many others but aren't selling services out of them at this point (data centers can fill up, or leasing contracts could change over time). They don't own the data centers themselves, but they operate out of them (as the majority of hosting providers do).

Thank you very much for the feedback.

- Steve

By Steve99 - August 15, 2013

After months of research and interaction with prospective vendors, it looks like we've finally made our decision... We've selected HostMySite as our hosting partner.

For our business model, their white label reseller partnership and discount structure fits our needs. We'll have a fully branded front end portal for our site and will have direct admin controls to immediately provision VPS or shared hosting accounts as we need, just like their own staff. Cloud and dedicated are also available for us along with other services such as Email Exchange, SSL certs, domain names, etc. We are an Enom dealer and also get our SSL's from GeoTrust, but it's nice to have these options.

They own and operate their data centers (6), in-house tech support accessible via phone/ticket/email, industry leading SLA, multiple tier one network providers, been around since 1997, etc...

They do have other reseller programs available as well as a front end retail division that will fit other business models.

I'll certainly provide feedback down the road once we've been on their systems for a while.