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By KCMedia - May 3, 2013 - edited: May 4, 2013

Hi all

ok i am building a website for a friends gaming site and they want to build twitch into the site so that they can add streams of the games into the site.

i am a little lost as to how to add the streams to the website into the design i need a little help to understand how to get the data from the twitch site here is the api also here is the api

I just need to know what fields i would need to add to the cmsb and if there are any tricks.



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By moh3 - May 7, 2013

hello, if you could get a list of what information is required to pull from the twitch website this will simplify what you need to do

if you read here:

you could pull a lot of information, this could be easily be accomplished using php and curl with some kind of caching technique

if you like i could help try to build a testing page, things get complicated if you want store information in CMSbuilder

By KCMedia - May 7, 2013

Hi Moh3

yer it is a very strange system we know what we want out of it but their system isnt very user friendly.

We dont want to store stuff in cmsb just be able to add the feed information i guess so it will display only the feeds that they want and not all feeds from all users.

If you want to contact me we can have a chat if you like.



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