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By gversion - May 4, 2013


Under "Section Editors" I have just changed a date field so that it no longer includes hours, minutes and seconds.

Consequently, the day and month of over 900 records in the database table seem to have been changed.

Is there any way I can fix the dates?

Thank you,


By gversion - May 6, 2013

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your message. I think I may have been mistaken - the date fields seem ok on further inspection.

Are the days and months meant to be preserved when changing the option to choose the minutes and seconds?



By Jason - May 6, 2013

Hi Greg,

Great, glad to hear that's working.  When you change the format to not display time, the time is still being stored in the database (even if it's just 00:00:00), so changing the field to use or not use time shouldn't affect the day, month, or year values.

Hope this helps,

Jason Sauchuk - Project Manager

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By gversion - May 6, 2013

Hi Jason,

Ok, that's useful to know, thank you.

Kind regards,