PHP Safe Mode Conflict

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By adesign - May 6, 2013

I am webmaster for a client whose ISP uses a shared server web hosting environment. Suddenly last week the CMS Builder driven site went down and the following error message appeared when accessing the site:

"Please disable the 'safe_mode' setting in php.ini. (safe_mode has been removed from the latest PHP versions and it's use is highly discouraged by the authors of PHP - read more)"

I have found a couple of similar issues on this forum and, as in those cases, the problem appears to be a server side issue. The ISP claims they have not upgraded  PHP or made any other server level changes. They seem to think the problem is on our end even though we haven't changed anything. Since this site is hosted on a shared server, I do not have access to PHP.ini and am relying on the ISP to resolve the issue. So far they are unresponsive. Is there anything I can do from within the CMSAdmin directory to work around this problem?