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A client of mine is trying to upload animated gifs to their gallery using the CMS. However, when uploaded, it does not display the animation, but only a single gif image. When I upload the same files via FTP, the animated gifs load fine. I'm using v2.5. Any reason why this would happen? 


This is an issue with the PHP GD library, unfortunately it doesn't allow the re-sizing of animated GIF's without removing the animation. The best way around this is to upload the animated gif in the correct dimension so that CMS Builder doesn't have to resize it. For example if your displaying the image as a thumbnail upload it in the dimensions of the thumb nail size. If you're displaying the original image ensure that the image isn't larger than the resize image larger than dimensions if you have this selected for this upload field.



Greg Thomas
PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com

Hey - I did uncheck the auto resize and it seems to work alright. Thanks so much for the tip!