The problem only surfaced when the TinyMCE editor was introduced.

Re: [BillG] _wrapper.html replacement

By Chris - March 23, 2010 - edited: March 23, 2010

Hello everyone,

Thanks for the bug reports!

I've been able to reproduce the problem and am researching it. I hope to be able to post a solution soon.
All the best,

Re: [BillG] _wrapper.html replacement

Hey folks! Check out the latest version of the TinyMCE editor:

Chris updated it to the latest version which fixes the bug in TinyMCE. :)

Where is the changelog?

Re: [BillG] _wrapper.html replacement

Hi Bill,

Which changelog are you referring to? Since this is an optional patch, the Article Manager changelog won't be updated -- Article Manager is discontinued, no further changes to the software itself will be made.

Or did you mean the TinyMCE changelog? You can find that here:


Re: [BillG] _wrapper.html replacement

Hi BillG,

I think a lot of this is off topic...

- We were able to recreate the problem locally and upgrading tinymce fixed it.
- We issued an updated patch with *only* the tinymce files updated (in /webroot/artman2/wysiwyg/)

If you want to see file differences use a free diff tool like, it's very easy to do. I've attached the old and new patches so you verify what I've said.

Or if you want to upgrade tinymce yourself in future just:
- Download it from here:
- Unzip it and copy the files under: /tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce
- To your artman under: /webroot/artman2/wysiwyg/

If you have problems after upgrading:
- Press the reload button and/or clear your browser cache

Hope that helps!
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [Dave] _wrapper.html replacement

And, of course, if the problem persists after upgrading please let us know! :)
Dave Edis - Senior Developer