I am in a bit of a dilemma. I recommended the article manager script to a client for whom I am about to start a web site design. This was about 6 months ago when the product had a demo and at the time it was perfectly suited to the clients needs. Just my luck that the product has been discontinued. So, I have a couple of questions:

1. Is the product reasonably easy to install? I have no scripting experience.
2. Are the templates easy to configure to match the rest of the website.
3. Can images be uploaded to an article?
4. Is it possible to password protect access to the actual article manager main page, i.e only members can view as well as add articles?

Thanks in advance for any advise.


PS - Does anyone know if the demo page is still available?

Re: [awilson3rd] Unsure whether to purchase

Hi Andrew!

Thanks for your post. :)

Article Manager is pretty easy to install, and if you're having trouble, we offer installations for $25.

The templates are generally pretty easy to work with, as long as you're already familiar with HTML. There's a bit of a learning curve, especially when getting used to the required Article Manager code, but we have documentation that will give you a hand with that as well.

Images can definitely be uploaded to articles.

Password protection isn't possible for the "public" pages through Article Manager, but it's nice and easy to use a third party script to restrict specific categories. Since Article Manager publishes category content to specific directories, it's easy to use third party software to restrict content on a category-by-category basis as well.

Unfortunately, the online demo is no longer available. But we do have a 90 day money back guarantee even for our discontinued software, so if you try it out and it isn't the right fit for you, we're happy to offer a refund or exchange within 90 days. :)


Re: [Donna] Unsure whether to purchase

Hello Donna,

Thanks for the reply and the reassurance.

Just a couple more questions because I cannot see the demo. Can I remove branding? Also, I am not interested in using the article manager for ads etc, it will just be to provide article information to members of a website so if ad areas are present can these be removed?

Thanks again for your help.