Is anyone running Article Manager on Server 2008 / IIS 7.5 in a network load balanced environment?

In our configuration there are no drives with drive letters (e:\...) to point the program at, only file shares (\\sever\fileshare...). Does anyone have a solution. I don't want to map physical drives on the servers. Can the application be used with file shares?

Current Config

Server 2008 R2

IIS 7.5

Perl 5.8.xx (x86 version)

I copied the files from the current server to the new NLB servers file share. All the front end pages will renders, but I can't get the admin side functioning. I altered the config files manually to point to the the file share, but had no success.

I am currently getting the below error when trying to access admin.cgiError: rootDir not defined! at //file-www-data/data$/_cgi-bin/pctoday/modules//IT/App/ line 30Thanks,Dan