Not sure about this one - I read a post at;t=search_engine#50839

Is there a way to pull from the database directly or the site stats that show how many times they've been viewed?

For example, if I log into my awstats, some articles have been viewed as many as 7000 times in just the last month (and this was an older article).

So... if I add a "new" stats counter now, it's going to look like its rarely ever visited, yet it could have thousands to hundreds of thousands of views.

Would the database track this too so that we could just plug it into the templates? or do we "have" to use an outside tracker?


Re: [dimeco] Articles Viewed Count

Hi Amber,

Article Manager doesn't track that itself, so ... not really, no. There's no internal counter in Article Manager. Although you could just pre-seed the counter with an approximate number of views you think it's already had, but that'll be a bit of a pain if you have a lot of articles.