Re: [Kimber] << prev page problem

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By Donna - October 22, 2009

Hi Kimber,

It looks like the "Prev" code has been changed to drop the category number in your categoryIndex Next & Prev buttons.

The important bit there is going to be: "&categoryNum=$category.num$"

The default code should be:


<a href="$settings.searchurl$?action=search&amp;page=$articleList.prevPageNumber$&amp;perpage=$articleList.perpage$&amp;template=$articleList.template$&amp;includeSubcats=$articleList.includeSubcats$&amp;categoryNum=$category.num$">&lt;&lt; prev page</a>

<a href="$settings.searchurl$?action=search&amp;page=$articleList.nextPageNumber$&amp;perpage=$articleList.perpage$&amp;template=$articleList.template$&amp;includeSubcats=$articleList.includeSubcats$&amp;categoryNum=$category.num$">next page &gt;&gt;</a>

This usually happens if you used the Next & Prev code from the global index page, since of course there's no category number on those links.

I hope this helps. :)


Re: [Donna] << prev page problem

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By Kimber - October 22, 2009

that worked - thanks