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By BillG - October 14, 2009 - edited: October 14, 2009

I have one interest, and one interest alone - getting my problems solved so that I can get my work done. That is my only interest.

When I post a problem, and I'm told that it can't be solved - whether it's the WYSIWYG not showing up, or needing to change the width of the WYSIWYG, or a problem with browser compatibility - and I get a reply that says it can't be done - that type of answer doesn't make my problem go away. I need these problems solved so that I can get my work done!

I've been able to solve most (not all) of these problems myself, It usually take a few hours of examining the AM code to implement a simple 2-minute solution. Those hours of examining the code are painful, very very painful, to me because it takes away from critical work I am doing right now and necessitates missing deadlines - things that have actually happened to me.

All I care about is solving these problemns so i can get my work done. If I can't trust you to solve the simplest problems here, why should I trust you with my ftp information?

My life would be a lot eaier if the people that wrote the code and know what is where were to tell me how to solve my problem. Telling us "no" is certainly simpler than doing some research to actually help us.

The problem we are discussing here, with the missing WYSIWYG editor, is an intermittant problem and intermittant problems are certainly a bear to fix. I have 18 years tech support experience and I've managed tech support teams, and I understand how intermittant problems can be so annoying. But you are literally messing with my business here. And I can recognize when tech support dosn't want to help, because it's always easier to tell the customer "no" than actually do some work to help.

I'm one of the first 50 people to buy AM 2 and I have a long history of enthusiastic support on this board since it's introduction. When Donna tells me something can't be fixed because it will "break" AM, and I have to spend half a day going through AM code to fix it - and no, nothing gets broken - and I have to miss deadlines because you won't take the time to help me fix something you broke. I feel a frustration that can't be explained to you. And when the solution ends up being something simple - I end up becoming furious that no one at AM bothered to tell me how to do it, and instead I had to waste my time.

I'm just in deep trouble because you've stopped supporting your own program. Ask Luke, I have a history of enthusiastic support for AM. But I have a legitimate gripe here.

if you disagree, then please point out to me when, at any time, I have been factually wrong.

Re: [BillG] TCME WYSIWYG Editor Problem

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By Dave - October 14, 2009

Hi BillG,

If you want our help, great, please just stick to the facts and provide us with information so we can help you.

I wrote the software, so I know how it works. But if you don't fill out a 2nd level support ticket, it will never get escalated to me and I'll never have the opportunity to help you.

Additionally, you should know that we don't provide free support for everything. So sometimes you will hear a "no". It doesn't mean it's not possible. It just means it's not something we cover with free support.

And yes, my staff, being human, aren't always going to think of the solution to your problem first. But berating them because they didn't doesn't help. You'll even sometimes get different answers from different people. I often have customers showing me things I didn't realize were possible... and I _made_ the software. It's just how it goes when you build tools like this.

Anyways, if you want help, please just stick to the facts and provide us with the information so we can help you.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [BillG] TCME WYSIWYG Editor Problem

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By mbittner - October 31, 2009

In order to help me bust my problem, I went ahead an submitted a Level 2 request. My site still is NOT showing TCME on IE, regardless of IE version. However, it is working with Firefox, so I told our editors to go ahead and use Firefox in the interim. Not a solution, but a definite work-around.
Matt Bittner
Software Engineer
Internet Modeler

Re: [mbittner] TCME WYSIWYG Editor Problem

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By BillG - October 31, 2009

mbittner, have you tried it in IE8 with and without Compatibility mode?

Also, do you have any hotlinking prevention mechanisms on your site, like entries in a .htaccess file? It can sometimes prevent IE (not firefox) from showing tinyMCE because of HTTP Header differences between the browsers. If so, try temporarily disabling your hotlinking prevention and see if you can see tinyMCE in AM. Let me know if that's the problem and I can give you some suggestions.