Re: [terryally] Deciphering "Field Options"

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By Donna - May 29, 2009

Hi Terry,

The checkbox field options basically just tell Article Manager what you want the checkboxes to do.

The Default State is basically "on or off" -- ie, when you create a new article, is that checkbox already checked for you? If you want an option that is usually on, but occasionally off, switch that to "Checked".

The Checked & Unchecked value are what is actually being saved -- what "On" and "Off" means. By default, it's Yes & No. You can change this if you want checked to mean, say, "Bananas" and unchecked to mean "Oranges".

The custom HTML is a bit more advanced -- most people won't use this. It's basically if you want to include additional HTML on the add & edit pages, for further formatting -- you could use this to add additional documentation, if you wanted to change the look of the fields, etc.

I hope this helps. :)