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By mandrews - January 10, 2009

When I click the "next page >>" link at the bottom of the globalIndex.html page (articleLists template), I get a page with an all-caps headline at the top that says: "[Emulated SSI Error : file '/home/content/b/i/b/biblically/html/signs//signs/publish/verses/include_categoryMenu.shtml' doesn't exist!]"

This same message also appears above every link on the page.

Also, in the menu in the left-hand column, I see a list of Article Manager's default categories, instead of the categories that I have assigned.

The URL of my site is http://www.biblically.com/signs/publish/Chapters/Introduction.shtml

Login: mandrews
Password: Please call me at 775-379-1969, or wait for my phone call.

Can you help? Thanks
Mark Andrews