I want to translate some Placeholders, in articleNotification.txt, as $event$, but I dont know where find it, in order to translate the values (erased, ublished, .....), even how may to find other Placeholders values?

Thanks a lot, Felix
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Re: [felixr] About how to find some Placeholders

Hi Felix,

Thanks for your email. :) You can see all of the placeholders by using the placeholder list. See this page of the documentation for more details:



Re: [felixr] About how to find some Placeholders

Hi Felix,

Thanks for the post!

You'll want to put this line somewhere in the code that is actually displayed on the site (outside of the <head> portion, somehwere in the <body> portion). This can be in any of your template files, and you'll want to note that where you put it may result in different results. For example, if you put this code within the templatecell for Article Row in your categoryIndex.html file, the placeholder list will be output for each article you have and will list some article-specific placeholders.

Once the code is in this page, you'll republish the Publishing Rule that uses that template. From there if you look at one of the published pages you should see a new table showing up on the page that lists all of the placeholders available on that page.

I hope this helps Felix! [:)]

Mike Briggs - Product Specialist

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