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By marys - September 15, 2008

The Web host for one of my client's has migrated the client's Article-Manger-2-driven site to a new server. I have tried to change the website root directory in the Admin > Server Settings, but get one of two error messages depending on what I enter.

The Web host instructed me to use the IP address for the path.

I enter: /ipaddress/html/
Error: The specified directory deosn't exist!

I enter: ipaddress
Error: relative paths not supported! 'ipaddress' at /home/usr193/html/artman2/modules//IT/App/BrowseForDirOrFile.pm line 50

The ipaddress is the actual IP address for the migrated server.

What do I need to change?

Re: [Donna] Path Problem: Migrated to new server

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By marys - September 16, 2008

Thanks, Donna. You were right about it not being the IP addresss. I wish my client's Web host's tech support was half as good as interactivetools.com's.